Decoding European Creative Skills


All the publications about Decoding European Creative Skills activities.

Decoding European Creative Skills


The objective of this book is to present a summary of the various activities undertaken during these two years of the DECS Project, while at the same time thanking all the companies and individuals that have made it possible and that have been an essential part of it for their participation.

The document contains a second part dedicated to the future of creativity, with articles that point to future lines on this topic.

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In-house Residences Report

Barcelona, Salzburg and Eindhoven

Thanks to this project, we have been able to grant 15 young designers 2 months’ travel to Eindhoven, Salzburg, and Barcelona to carry out internships in European companies.

The aim of this activity has been to promote the career development of 15 European designers selected from among the professionals taking part in the Creative Challenges. All of them have valued the experience very positively since this scholarship has allowed them to acquire professional experience outside their country of origin in a first professional experience in a foreign country that opens doors in their career as professional designers.

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Collection of Best Practices

Barcelona, Salzburg and Eindhoven

Throughout the project, interviews were held with a number of design professionals and students in Barcelona, Salzburg and Eindhoven. These interviews allow us to identify behaviours of each of the competencies that are part of the dictionary. The interviews were conducted using the Critical Incident Interview; through this semi-structured interview, each designer describes the design process of a project carried out during the last two years, emphasizing their most critical points.

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Creative Challenge Barcelona

ELISAVA, Barcelona School of Design and engineering

Within the framework of the Decoding European Creative Skills project, three creative Challenge are organized in each of the partner universities.

The first creative challenges took place in Barcelona with a great implication of all participants,
they have provided very interesting proposals and at the same time, they have allowed to further develop the research on the competences during the design process.

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Creative Challenge Salzburg

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Within the framework of the Decoding European Creative Skills project, three creative Challenge are organized in each of the partner universities.

The second creative challenge took place in Salzburg (Austria) from 26/02-02/03 2018. It was organized by the research team of design & product management, DE|RE|SA (Design Research Salzburg). On the first day, five SME from the region of Salzburg presented their design challenges and answered questions from the students.

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