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The tool that allows you to understand your creative profile

Decoding Tool

The Creative Decoding Tool (CDT) is an online test that permits mapping the creative competences of students and design professionals through a questionnaire.

By responding to the CDT you will be able to disclose your most important creative competences and get a graphic visualization of the results. The test will ask you 50 questions that will reflect how you design. It can help you understand your position within the creative universe so that you will know yourself better as a designer.

Creativity has several levels of development that we can analyze and work on. For this reason, ELISAVA Research has defined the competences that determine the creative profile.

Identifying these competences allows us to know more about the way designers create. The CDT originated from this research process based on creative competences. The research studied the way in which the creative entrepreneurs worked and designed.

Through the CDT we can collect data with which to draw the creative profile of designers, identify the competence profile of students and design professionals, and compare them on an international scale.

As the project will progress, the data analysis will provide a scan of the competences as a whole. The value of this tool will increase as the volume of collected data grows, as the competences can be updated or redefined.

The conclusions that will be obtained from this research can serve to universities as a tool to measure and compare the acquisition of skills among their students. They can also be useful for companies to know how to enhance skills deficiencies in their work teams.

On a personal level, discovering your creative skills and your creative profile will allow you to know your strengths and identify the aspects that you can improve.

Finally, this questionnaire aims to establish a research method. With your participation, you contribute to the study developed by ELISAVA Research.

All ready? Then you can start decoding your creative competences.

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