Decoding European
Creative Skills Fest

13 Jun 2019
Arts Santa Mónica

DECS Fest / Barcelona

13 June 2019, Arts Santa Mònica

DECS FEST took place in Arts Santa Mònica during the Barcelona Design Week. The session began with a presentation of the project and its main activities, the first analysis of the data collected through the online CDT tool was also shared. In the event, Ferran Adrià participated as a guest speaker, who shared his work methodology at elBulli with which he revolutionized the gastronomic sector. Tamara Castrillón then described “El Nido” project carried out at Danone company to promote creativity in their teams across departments.

The event ended on the Arts Santa Mònica terrace with music and networking.

27 June 2019, Elisava

The DECS Talent Networking consists of an event attended by companies and designers in a series of short interviews predefined according to the results obtained by the participants in the CDT.

The event involves, on the one hand, a total of 13 companies that seek to incorporate creative profiles in their teams and, on the other hand, 68 young designers who are looking for job opportunities. Through the scores that both have obtained when responding to the CDT and, therefore, based on the skills of the designers and the needs of the companies, 9 interview turns of 5 minutes each were planned. During these short interviews, the participants had the opportunity to meet face to face and complete the information that the questionnaire does not provide, such as attitude, motivation or other more subjective features of each person.

After the round of interviews, networking was organized in the terrace in order to create a more informal meeting space to continue with the interviews or to have the opportunity to contact other people.